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    The TWU-IAM Association today announced that Neutral Joshua Javits issued his final integrated seniority lists for the Mechanic and Related, Fleet Service and Stores work groups at American Airlines.

    The final lists are the completion of an investigation Neutral Javits conducted regarding protests of the initial seniority lists, issued on December 27, 2016. The final integrated seniority lists show all seniority dates amended as a result of that protest process.

    Neutral Javits considered over 1,600 protests from approximately 1,700 employees. Each protester will receive a letter from Neutral Javits explaining the determination of his or her protest.

    These seniority lists will become effective upon ratification of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreements. View all final integrated seniority lists, Neutral Javits’ memo and the updated former TWA Seniority by Station Title/Group Matrix below.


    Click here to read the Javits' memo for final seniority lists and the TWA Seniority by Station Title/Group Matrix.

    Click here to to print and post the bulletin.

    AMT (“Title I”) Seniority List, click here.

    AMT (“Title I”) Lead Seniority List, click here.
    For those stations where former TWA employees exercise either 100% or 25% of their former TWA seniority:
    Please click here for TWA 100%.
    Please click here for TWA 25%.

    GSE/PM (“Title II”) Seniority List, click here.

    GSE/PM (“Title II”) Lead Seniority List, click here.
    For those stations where former TWA employees exercise either 100% or 25% of their former TWA seniority:
    Please click here for TWA 100%.
    Please click here for TWA 25%.

    Inspector Seniority List, click here.
    For those stations where former TWA employees exercise either 100% or 25% of their former TWA seniority:
    Please click here for TWA 100%.
    Please click here for TWA 25%.

    MTS Seniority List, click here.
    For those stations where former TWA employees exercise either 100% or 25% of their former TWA seniority:
    Please click here for TWA 100%.
    Please click here for TWA 25%.

    Utility Seniority List, click here.

    Lead Utility Seniority List, click here.

    MCT Seniority List, click here.

    Planner & Tech Doc Seniority List, click here.

    QA Seniority List, click here.

    Fleet Seniority List, click here.

    Stores Seniority List, click here.

    Lead Stores Seniority List, click here.
    For those stations where former TWA employees exercise either 100% or 25% of their former TWA seniority:
    Please click here for TWA 100%.
    Please click here for TWA 25%.

    November 16, 2019
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    EAP Committee


    Key Responsibilities: The AMR EAP, TWU EAP coordinators and their trained designees provide a joint EAP product, which provides assistance to TWU members and their families who may feel more comfortable accessing services through their union. Volunteer EAP Peer Coordinators provide assistance at most locations.

    General Information: The program has been designed to protect your confidentiality. Your job security and advancement opportunities will not be jeopardized by a request for information or treatment through EAP. Your reason for participation in the EAP will be kept confidential. Please understand however, that the company can not allow an employee to work whenever there is a question concerning fitness for duty, nor does EAP participation relieve an individual of the obligation to comply with company rules and regulations. Finding the right resource or treatment center can be a confusing and frustrating task. Your EAP Manager has developed a network of professional therapists, psychiatric hospitals and nationally recognized chemical dependency treatment centers. Your EAP Manager will assess your personal needs and help you find the right resource for your problem. If you have chosen Managed Care as your Group Health Plan, EAP will work with the Managed Care provider to select a clinician in the Managed Care network for you. Should you be referred to an outside resource, you or your family member will be responsible for any costs not covered by AMR Group Health benefits. Your EAP Manager will make every effort to select treatment facilities that will fit your financial situation. One of the special services available from EAP is Critical Incident Debriefing. EAP provides this service for any employee who is involved in a workplace incident involving death or the reasonable expectation that death could occur. Supervisors are encouraged to contact regional EAP Managers when such an incident occurs.

    Local 567 EAP Team

    EAP Chief Consultant:

    Mark Ciccarello, DWH Day Shift (817) 688-2316


    EAP Links

    AA Corporation Alcohol and Drug Policy

    Contact: Mark Ciccarello or
    Employee Benefits

    Flaviu is a Material Logistics Specialist at DWH. He can be reached for benefit related questions at 817-689-3101 or by email at

    Contact: Flaviu Deleanu
    Grievance Committee

    Current Docket


    Password: Local567sp

    Contact: Jose Carballo
    Safety Committee

     The TWU Safety Committee is available to investigate and address safety concerns and on the job injuries in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 27(h)(i).

    CBA  Language on Safety(Article 27)

    (h) In order to eliminate, as much as possible, accidents and illness, a Joint Safety Committee composed of an equal number of Union representatives, not more than five (5), and Company representatives, not more than five (5), will be established at each location in the system where employees are stationed. It will be the duty of the Joint Safety Committee to:

    (1) Receive and review Company accident, injury and job related illness reports pertinent to the Safety Committee investigation, and make recommendations to prevent recurrence. (Safety Committee members will receive copies of available monthly summaries of employee accidents and injuries and have access, upon request, to specific Company reports resulting from employee on the job accidents or injuries);

    (2) Receive and investigate complaints regarding unsafe and unsanitary working conditions and make recommendations to resolve the hazards and complaints. The Employee/Union Representative should first notify and discuss any safety complaint with his immediate supervisor/manager. Management will address the safety concern in a reasonable time frame and will advise the Employee or Union Representative of the action taken. If the action taken is not satisfactory to the Employee or Union Representative, it will be forwarded to the Joint Safety Committee (JSC) for further review.

    (3) See that all applicable sanitary and safety regulations are complied with.

    (4) Make recommendations for the maintenance of appropriate sanitary and safety standards.

    (5) Joint Safety Committee meetings will be scheduled a minimum of once per month by mutual agreement between the Company and the Union.

    (6) In the event that the Joint Safety Committee is unable, within sixty (60) calendar days, to resolve an issue which has been brought to its attention, either the Company or the Union may submit the issue to the System Joint Safety Committee which will constitute a board to review the issue. In cities where an APC (Accident Prevention Council) exists, TWU Local President will appoint a representative(s) to participate on the APC. Prior to sending an issue to the System Joint Safety Committee, all safety issues will be first submitted to the APC for resolution.

    (7) The System Joint Safety Committee will consist of a representative of the TWU International and a representative of the Company’s Safety office. If the issue is not resolved by the System Joint Safety Committee, either representative may submit the issue on appeal to the System Board of Adjustment in accordance with the provisions of Article 29(d) of the Agreement.

    (i) The Company will furnish all required safety devices for employees working on hazardous or unsanitary work; and employees will be required to use or wear the devices in performing that work. The Company will promptly notify the employees and the Union of the use of any material, equipment, or procedure known to be hazardous to employees exposed and the known procedures to control the hazards via a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The Company will promptly provide the Union with the results of any management or government health and safety survey concerning the employees represented by the Union. When the Company is made aware by the manufacturer or distributor of a product recall or equipment recall, the Company will take appropriate action to ensure the safety of its employees. The Company will also notify the Union of the issue as soon as possible and of any subsequent action that is taken. 

       For safety concerns, contact: Ken Conti @ 817-658-3122 or Doug Dixon @ 817-846-4481

    Contact: Ken Conti
    TWU Compliance/ASAP Committee
    Contact: Doug Housley
    Veterans Committee
    Contact: Pedro Boyarsky
    Working Womens' Committee

    TWU Local 567 Working Women’s Committee

    Local 567 WWC - Working Women’s Committee. We are union strong and come together to learn more and educate our TWU family on those rights that continue to affect us all every day.

    TWUWWC (Transport Workers Union Working Women's Committee) is the organization of union women at Local 567 who ban together for friendship and for programs to benefit our communities. It can also include social activities, rallies and above all, the growth of the individual and our union.

    We meet and work in a group and develop projects in which we are interested and wish to be involved. It gives you the opportunity to put your talents, time, and gifts to work for many causes, both large and small. You are able to enrich the lives of others, as well as your own.

    The Working Women’s Committee creates a sisterhood for TWU Local 567. With combined strength we continue to be proud and strong. Every 3 years new leaders at Local 567 WWC will be able to step up and meet the challenge of guiding our committee. This is an unforgettable experience! You are able to network with other union women inside and outside the Transport Workers Union.

    If you work here you are already a leader in some form or fashion. Come share your experience/ideas with us. If you are interested in a leadership position let us help you find the resources you need to succeed. No goal is too small or out of reach. If you want to be a part of this amazing movement, grab one of your co-workers and let’s make it happen. We have information on labor college workshops and seminars you can attend at your own expense. The education you receive by getting involved is phenomenal.

    The TWUWWC meets 3 times per year. Union women from all of our divisions come together for 2-3 days. Reps from aircraft maintenance, Stores, Dispatchers, American Airlines Fleet, Southwest Flight Attendants/Fleet, Transit Division and Rail Division. We also have the Nuclear Sub Base in Georgia…the list goes on and attendance averages about 33 to 50 members. The TWUWWC is held in a different location every year. This helps alleviate costs on all the Locals. We also share rooms as needed.

    The TWU International sends out the dates to the Locals on the meeting of the TWUWWC, you RSVP to attend from your Local as a rep. You can also RSVP to attend if you are NOT the WWC Chair/Co-Chair - but it will be on your own time.

    A leader does not wear a title, a leader knows where they are going and the need they can fill. A leader inspires others to be the difference. Those who tell you that you won’t make a difference and nothing will change…..ask them to look in the mirror to see what kind of change they have been.

    If are interested let the Local 567 WWC Chair know and they will help guide you. Contact: Linda Dill In Stores at DWH SUN thru THUR - 6:00am to 2:30pm

    We have participated in but not limited to the following:

    Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure

    Salvation Army Adopt an Angel

    Collected and distributed socks and toothbrushes to the homeless

    Habitat for Humanity

    Tarrant County Food Bank Volunteer

    We value the opinion of everyone and new ideas are most welcome. The reward you feel by investing a little bit of your time is worth it. We are proud TWU women and we are transforming the world/our unions one woman at a time. Don’t miss an opportunity to be a part of this great committee!

    2016 Tentative Schedule: Feb 4th - 11:00AM - Conference room by the union office. We will schedule more meetings once we hold this first one of the year.


    You are the Union

    You lead

    You listen

    You volunteer

    You are the difference you want to see!

    Contact: Open
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