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    Doug Housley


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  • Message from 567 President Rollie Reaves
    Updated On: Nov 11, 2017

    Local 567 Members,

    First off, let me let me emphasize this; The Union has continually requested meeting dates with the company including Thanksgiving week and as of today the only date booked is the week of December 11th., I agree with the Membership that this is totally unacceptable and remain firm that additional dates must be agreed to! As stated in this week’s update I will be attending meetings at HDQ next week beginning November 13th to finalize the Leave of Absence Matrix.

    Last week’s agreement to continue the ASAP program and discussions that took place on the Letters of Agreement, Union Security, MLS Qualifications, Filling of Vacancies and Overtime Procedures move us closer to the Economic issues. The Updates provided have listed the TA’s (Tentative Agreements) as they have been agreed to, however here is a recap:

    Preamble, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Purpose, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Probation Period, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Leaves of Absence, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Bulletin Boards, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Absence from Duty, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Field Trip, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Recognition of Rights and Compliance, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Representation, M&R/MLS/MCT

    System Board of Adjustments, M&R/MLS/MCT

    No Strike/No Lockout, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Sick Leave, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Temporary Employees, M&R/MLS

    Severance (Furlough Benefits), M&R/MLS/MCT

    Fitness for Duty/Medical, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Part Time, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Uniforms, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Safety & Health, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Termination of Employment, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Shift Swaps/CS, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Training, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Hours of Service, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Hours of Service Rebid, M&R/MLS

    Hours of Service (10 hr. Shift), M&R/MLS

    Reduction in Force, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Recall, M&R/MLS

    Realignment, M&R/MLS

    Overtime, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Effect on Prior Agreements, M&R/MLS/MCT

    SIDA Badge, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Status of Agreement, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Filling of Vacancies, M&R/MLS

    Rotation of Shifts, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Initial AC Inspections – Base, M&R

    Interior Mechanic Classification, M&R

    Limited Duty, M&R/MLS/MCT

    Rotation of Shifts, M&R/MLS/MCT

    The Company has never witnessed the UNITY shown by the TWU membership and with the Holiday season upon us we must remain steadfast in the fight to obtain the contract we not only deserve but have been promised. 

    Rollie Reaves 

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