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    March 01, 2024
    Updated On: Nov 14, 2023



    For Enrolling in TWU BENEFITS 

    see flyer / picture for details!

    -New Hires are eligible for all benefits. 

    -Late Entrants are eligible for 
    Short Term Disability and Identity Protection ONLY!

    - If the QR link is not working, click on the

    following Link:  to view the 

    TWU Employee BENEFITS guide / videos and 

     to schedule a virtual appointment 

    with a scheduler for benefits. 

    -To the TWU local 567 Membership:

    Members who have active TWU sponsored 

    benefits please verify that your TWU

    sponsored benefits are setup correctly

    for your direct deposit payments

    on your paycheck .

    The payment for these products will be

    managed by Piedmont and are shown

    as Bancorp at the bottom of your 

    paycheck. The following TWU sponsored 

    benefits are available through UBP 

    (Union Beefit Planners ):

    Lincoln Short Term Disability

    Lincoln Long Term Disability

    Lincoln Term Life

    Boston Mutual Whole Life

    Norton Lifelock360

     UBP (Union Benefit Planners) Website is:  .

    On the home screen, click on the

    Member Resources tab,

    and then Login to view

    your TWU sponsored benefits. 

    The Benefits home page

    will show your Products and Premiums. 

    Also, click on the View Deposit Info 

    Tab to review your Direct Deposit 

    Account #, and Routing #

    for Bancorp, which you will need 

    to use for your Direct Deposit 

     account setup on Jetnet.

     *Reminder if you have the Company (AA) 

    LTD on your after-tax deduction line,

    listed as LTD-TWU-IAM 

    on your paycheck do not sign up for TWU 

    UBP (Union Benefit Planners) LTD policy .

    -The next group of TWU products 

    is available through NGP

    (National Group Protection):

    CAIC Accident

    CAIC Critical Illness

    AFLAC Accident

    For Supplemental Benefits Thru

    ( NGP ) National Group Protection Contract:  

    PHONE : 800 344-9016



    The Direct Deposit payments for these 

     products will be shown as Empire on 

    the bottom of your paycheck .

    For your Direct Deposit Account#

     and Routing# for Empire Bank, 

     you must call National 

    Group Protection (NGP) 

    to obtain your account information.
    Phone: 800 344-9016 .

    If you have any questions,

    reach out to your

    TWU benefit Coordinator .


                             Retirement Resources

    - click on to view> Retiree Information Form

    -Retirement Readiness Planning Tools:


    -Retirement Planning click on PDF: 

    PensionEstimate A.pdf

    - Activate your pension

    If you’re eligible and want to activate 

    your pension upon your separation, we

    recommend beginning this process

    approximately 60 days in advance but

    no later than day 15 of the month prior

    your desired commencement date.

    For example, if you want to commence

    your pension Dec. 1, you must begin

    the commencement process via

    no later than Nov. 15. For help 

    Contact the American Airlines Service

    Center at Fidelity at 1-800-354-3412 and

    speak to a Service Center Representative. Or 

    -Retirement readiness:

     From jetnet Leaving American

    Step into retirement

    When to retire is a big decision and

    we want to make sure you have everything. 

     you need to plan for it. We’ve outlined 

    all the steps in the process that you need

    to take to make it easy to 

    understand what you need to do.

    Click Here: Next steps »




    •   •

    Medicare and You

    Click on PDF for details: 


    Employment information form

    for Part B Medicare:

    Part B employment verifaction CMS-L564_508[1378].pdf

    Form CMS-L564 is a form used by the

    Social Security Administration to grant

    Special Enrollment Period to

    Medicare beneficiaries who initially turned 

    down Part B coverage because they

    were receiving  group health benefits from

    their employer or a spouse's employer. 

    These beneficiaries may use a Special

    Enrollment Period to enroll in Part B

    if they are still covered by the group plan

    or were covered by that plan 

    within the past eight months.

    *Note before submitting your Part B Medicare 

    employment verification form CMS -L564 make

    sure you have the most updated version.
    Visit •   

     For more information and updated form!



    CLICK ON LINK : » 

    TWU Sponsored Benefits:

    NGP ( National Group Protection)

    The group of products that are-available 

    through NGP:

    CAIC Accident

    CAIC Critical Illness

    AFLAC Accident

    The payments for these products will be 

    shown as Empire on your paystub.

    For Supplemental Benefits Thru ( NGP )

    National Group Protection Contract:  

    PHONE : 800 344-9016




    -TWU Sponsored Benefits:

    UBP ( Union Benefits Planners ) 




    The group of products that are

    available thru UBP:

    Lincoln Short Term Disability

    Lincoln Long Term Disability

    Lincoln Term Life

    Boston Mutual Whole Life

    Norton Lifelock360

    The payment for these products will

    managed by Piedmont and shown

     as Bancorp on your paystub.

    -TWU Benefits inquiries ,

    Please contact Union Benefit Planners

    Customer Service Phone:866-386-6060 

    Email :  

    -For Billing questions about your current

     Lincoln TWU policy for

    STD, LTD, Term life, and Norton Life-lock

     call and email Piedmont (Bancorp):

     Phone: 866 254-5245


    Copy in: 

    -For Lincoln

    Term Life Billing inquiries, 

    Beneficiary Changes, Term life 

    Claims and all claims escalations 

    Email :  


    Lincoln Short Term Claim Information:

    -Lincoln Filling Claim Flyer for Short Term Disability:

    Local 567[61] - Read-Only.pdf

    -STD Claim form from statement of Employer:

    -Lincoln STD benefits at a glance:

    -Lincoln Policy's Numbers STD AND LTD:

    -Lincoln STD Enrollment INFORMATION.
    Click on Link:  to setup 

    a appointment with a scheduler and to view TWU employee 

    benefit guide and videos.

    -Eligibility for the disability plans is:

    Short-Term Disability

    (Full-Time averages 30+ hours per week)

    CLASS 1: All Full-Time and Regular

    Part-time Members of The

    Transport Workers Union who are

    employed by American Airlines, 

    and classified as

    Payroll Type 1, Payroll Type 2 and

    Payroll Type 3 enrolled in

    Voluntary STD for one or more years

    CLASS 2All Full-Time and

    Regular Part-time Members of the

    Transport Workers Union AFL-CIO

    who are employed by

    American Airlines,and classified as

    Payroll Type 1, Payroll Type 2 and

    Payroll Type 3 enrolled in Voluntary

    STD for less than one year




    The American Airlines Family Fund is a 

    public nonprofit charitable organization 

    established to provide emergency assistance 

    to American employees through one-time

     grants of no more than $2,500.

    The Family Fund operates primarily 

    through donations from employees.

    In times of disaster, the Family Fund may 

    also provide funding to national or 

     International organizations 

    to support relief efforts in

    communities where our employees live and
    work. All active and retired employees of

    American Airlines and its

    wholly owned subsidiaries are eligible

    to apply for a grant.



    Survivor Information

    Active Member:    active ee guide.pdf   

    Retired member:  retiree guide.pdf



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